9. The Gift Bomber - Now Santa’s helpers can drop gifts straight into chimneys without ever stopping! Hope they’ve got good aim, because dropping gifts from that kind of altitude is definitely lethal…

8. Hey Fella, Merry Christmas! We’re not sending you to boarding school after all! … We’re sending you to THE MOON!

7. 'Santa’s Ribbon Candy Rocket'? Ok, not only would that beautiful piece of ridiculous melt instantly from the engine heat; but with Santa’s snacking issues, it definitely wouldn’t make it out of the North Pole….

6. "I can’t believe they stranded me out here! Just because I told Donner that I saw a red glow coming from Blitzen’s stable last night!

Heck I wasn’t the one that couldn’t keep my hooves closed, Blitzen…"

5. This rocket is fueled on cookies and milk farts.

4. "And what can I get you for Space Christmas, my little Martian buddy?" 

"Santa, I want a DEATHRAY...

Tee hee!"

10 Silly Vintage Cards for

Space Christmas

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1. "Ho, ho, holy crap! Did you have to colonize the moon too?

There are only so many NASA trained elves in the North Pole, for Pete’s sake!"

2. This Santa had to hitch a ride in a flying saucer with alien embodiments of two different 1960s fertilizers to finish this Christmas trip.

I guess the reindeer and their patties weren’t cutting it anymore….

3. How exactly should my Christmas be like a flying saucer? …

(This advertising artist was clearly full on Mad Men-style day drinking.)

Steampunk Raygun 


10. Santa ran out of coal. Now he’s gonna have to make a few gifts for the naughty list….