10 of the Weirdest Vintage Snow Pics on the Interwebs

I spelunked the interwebs to find the weirdest vintage snow related pictures I could find. Enjoy the strange!

(Click on a picture to see it's source link.)

1. My son dared me to build a better Snow 'Man'....

(We subsequently sculpted a snow mic and dropped it in his face....)

2. This snow man looks like he just robbed a bank and bought champagne with the proceeds...

I wonder if this girl is his hostage or his accomplice...

3. I have so many questions:

- How'd they get the hat and scarf on?

- Why is he leaning backwards, did they plan to sled off of him from their bedroom window?

- How is this physically possible?

- When did the next storm hit and crash this snowman into their roof?

4. "Honey, go stand next to this racistly Asian-looking snowman and steal the presents he's delivering to his children, the way we stole labor from the Chinese Immigrants who built our nation's railroads....

Smile, baby! It's the spirit of Christmas!"

5. 'You know, Hank, I think this would go a lot better if one of us was actually driving the car....'

6. Ahh yes, Santa's little helpers delivering the coal to all of the horrible children this year.

As soon as that snowman gets those horseshoes on that little girl and all the coal loaded into her saddle bag, then away they'll go!

7. Was this snowman at risk of being poisoned by holly berries and this woman was the first female surgeon?

Or is this the first pregnant snowman to ever experience a fetus induced C-section?

Either way, they both seem into it....

8. Christmas bear hugs! *Ribs cracking.*

9. 'You're smoking hash, right Mr. Snowman? ... You're not gonna notice if I just slip this present under my jacket .... Maybe a just couple more of these small ones....'

10. 'Aww come on, ladies. You know I'm anatomically incorrect! :('

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