Krampus Christmas Cards That Will Make You Say 'WTF?'

The mythical Krampus surprises children along with Saint Nick on Christmas in Eastern Europe, only he comes for his revenge on the naughty ones….

Thought to be linked with the ‘Horned God’ of European Pre-Christian Pagan religions, the long-tounged Krampus whips children into his sack or basket with birch branches and either eats them or takes them to Hell to pay for their naughtiness.

Either way, you don’t want to see this guy over your Christmas stocking!

Enjoy 12 of the most ridiculous Krampus images I could find on the world wide webberverse!

(Click on an image to see it’s source link.)

1. 'Son, I'm gonna lick your head until you drive this rocking horse straight to your special place in Hell!'

2. 'Baby, I'm Krampus-Fabulous!'

3. This Krampus isn’t satisfied with just stealing these parents’ children for his Christmas dinner, he wants the whole feast….

4. The gentleman in her basket is praying: 'Oh please Lady Krampus, whip me first!'

5. In some origin stories, the Krampus is born from Saint Nick's milk and cookie inspired explosive flatulence....

6. This little girl is anything but intimidated by mini-Krampus. She's trying the Jedi mind trick on him and from the looks of his vacant stare, it seems to be working! "I am not the porcelain baby you're looking for. ... Move along."

7. Janitor Krampus says, "Anyone need to throw out their babies?"

8. This woman wants to know why this is the only time Krampus has ever had his tongue inside his mouth….

9. Gasp! Photo evidence of the real Krampus!

Little did he know, he was being set up by the secret agent doll at the bottom of the photo....

10. Femi-Krampus says to all sexual harassers: ‘Where you running, little man? I’m gonna whip you into my feminist basket of attrition!’

11. Mmm, baby salad.

Babies taste so much better when they’re real and not illustrated….

12. “Go ahead Krampus, I said, stick out that f*cking tongue out one more time….”

- The Baddest Victorian Child Ever

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