10 Vintage Photos That Will Make You Glad Black Friday is Over

Barely alive after fighting for deals on Black Friday?

Then these photos will give you life....

1. Check out this wreckage from Christmas in Macy’s, 1948! Shoppers are animals! Source.

2. I guess we should just be glad we’re not at the only Black Friday Sale in Lake City, Colorado in 1895…. Source.

3. This vintage Helsinki Santa programmed all the toys in his gift sack to kill the recipients upon arrival. Helsinki store manager approves…. Source.

4. You mean you didn’t have to wait outside for deals in 1949?! Source.

5. These girls are thinking: ‘I hate my children. I hate my children. I hate my children….' Source.

5. If you ever worked retail, you are offended by this picture…. Source.

7. Come on in, we only sell one dress…. Source.

8. Who needs an Uber, when you have Jeeves? Source.

9. We’d love to be able to sell you these crinolines inside the shop, but the store owner insisted we all model the merchandise…. Source.

10. The women that Black Friday has broken…. Source.

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