Army of Brass - An Awesome Steampunk Collaborative Novel

Army of Brass is everything you want in a steampunk novel. Engineers vs. the government, giant dirigibles, roguish main characters and a decrepit valley of automatons just waiting to spring to life. But unfortunately we can't shake just one author's hand on a steamy story well crafted, because this novel has 21 authors from all around the world.

Released by the Collaborative Writing Challenge, an organization that puts together collaborative novels written by over 400 writers from 15 countries, Army of Brass is their first steampunk themed novel. However since its 21 authors are an amazing assembly of established steampunk authors, the story is a kick-a$$ example of the genre. You wouldn't even know or care that the story has so many authors, because skilled writer Phoebe Darqueling and the editors at CWC have ensured that the narrative and voice are seamless.

What is Army of Brass About?

When the mad conqueror haunting Elaina's dreams invades her adopted homeland, the real nightmare becomes what she's willing to do to stop him.

The dreaded Hunter Baron has landed on the shores of Mailderet, but Master Tinkerer Elaina Gable believes she has the solution. Giant automatons sit rusting in the valley, waiting for someone with the drive and ingenuity to bring them to life. But the king, swayed by the destruction his ancestors wrought centuries before, harbors a deep-seated fear of the machines. Though he will not allow the alliance of Tinkerers and Smiths to complete the work, Elaina and a famous airship pilot resolve to bring the machines back to life in secret.

From the safety of the swamps, a woman with silver skin jealously guards the secrets of the automatons. Though the Silver Woman also wishes the past to remain buried, she must weigh the value of secrecy against the thousands of innocents her hesitation might send to the grave.

As they discover the link between the toxic valley and the inner workings of the automatons, Elaina and her allies are drawn into a web of deceit threatening the balance of power across two continents—and proving the truth behind the deadly legends surrounding the Army of Brass.

Order your e-book copy of Army of Brass for $.99 for a limited time on Amazon. 10% of the Collaborative Writing Challenge’s proceeds go to the charity IBBY, which promotes literacy in children.

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