New Comic Armor-I Puts Iron Man's Suit to Shame

If you haven’t heard of the new series Armor-I from Evoluizone Publishing, I highly recommend you jump in now before things get awesomely intergalactic! Our main character, Jason King, is just your everyday highschool nerd: getting into fights and running away from them. But this time, he stumbles over a spaceship mysteriously crashed in the woods near his house. The alien occupant silently befriends our hero and attaches himself to his shoes to give him a boost home. His Dad, Mike King, yells at him for being late again and shames him for telling such a wild tale. Meanwhile, after our hero is sent to bed, Mike goes into his classified agency job to investigate the spaceship crash.

It isn’t until the next day, when a multi-headed, ravenous, energy-eating alien tramples Jason’s first period class that he discovers his friend has even cooler abilities than turning into instant jet shoes. He can turn himself into a whole cyber suit! It’s now up to this enjoyable duo to stop the multi-headed alien before he hurts his classmates.

Like many of Evoluizone’s titles this comic is everything you want to see in a scifi comic: action, awesome art and a great sense of humor. Marcel Dupree doesn’t fail to produce a charming script with enough awesomely surprising turn arounds that keep you perched on the edge of your seat for the next issue. Carlos Trigo and Gulliver Vianei give you clean and dynamic lines that really give the action that page turning suspense while still keeping the characters almost cute. The colors, by Andrea Celestini, are bold, eyecatching and beautiful, really making the action pop off the page.

Do yourself a favor and go get the first two issues of Armor-I so you are ready when issue 3 drops.

Check out the kickstarter here.

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