So peruse and enjoy this strange intersection of crafting, imagination, research, illustration and fun that is my little website. Much here is freely given, but please don’t forget to show your support by shopping and sharing.

Hi there!


Jinkies, it's good to meet a fellow fan of the artistic, absurd, humorous and imaginacious world we call Steampunk! A place where you can become an air pirate, solve time crises, invent the largest flying Rube-Goldberg machine and decorate the world in filigree all before teatime.




But enough about your accomplishments, let’s hear more about me!



I learned to art from my graphic design genius of a father and all around crafting goddess of a mother, but I figured where's the profit in being a starving artist? So, I got my B.A. in the ever more lucrative and opportunity-laden world of Theatre from Wagner College where I learned a heck of a lot about costuming, set making, storytelling and world building. But the financial collapse and parental mortality short circuited my ambitions of starting the first fat girl chorus line and washed me up at the altar of Library Science.


When I attended a Master’s program at Pratt Institute, my intention was to become a children’s librarian. But the more I learned about children’s books, the more I realized I prefered writing them to teaching them. I got an amazing internship at Scholastic, Arthur A. Levine Books, (the imprint that published Harry Potter in America), and skipped happily through those hallowed halls for nearly a year, learning so much about illustration, story and character development.


But fate is a two-timing drunk and my wallet fell ill just about the same time as my lonely grandfather. I eventually moved back to my original birthplace, (Dirty Jersey), to take care of the ol’ fella and here I still dwell.  

So where did this business come from? In a desperate response to my Dickensianly impoverished financial state in NYC, I started to learn how to crochet jewelry and attempted to hock it on the corner like a fishwife. I would have made a good fishwife as it turned out, because I didn’t do so bad. That was, until the coppers came and put a stop to that kind of nonsense. If the government can’t skim my $60 profits, (or as I liked to call it, my monthly grocery allowance), than by golly no one will have any of it!
But I got much more than a pair of stainless steel bracelets and a free ride in a paddy wagon that day, I got an awesome idea that would be the seeds of my eventual magnificent creation: