Cats in Tophats:

The Steampunk Coloring Book

Cats in Tophats The Coloring Book
Mr. Pinker J. Tinkerclawes
Lord Bally Birdchaser III
Mr. Billy D. Scruggins
Ms. Catarina Verbosity

A whole coloring book full of

Steampunk Cats in Tophats?

You bet, my friends!

This 8.5x11" coloring book features

10 awesome designs

of adorable kitties having funky Steampunk adventures. Whether it's Lord Bally Birdchaser III flying his patchwork biplane, dancing at The Cattington Fete, or Ms. Caterina Verbosity reading her favorite Cat Classic, (The Meow Machine, by H.G. Meows), you can be sure it's covered in fun to color patterns and whimsical Victorian inspired fashion.