10 Vintage 'Back To School' Photos That Will
Make You Want to Go 'Back To Summer'
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Is this an Acrobatics School?
Or a Ventriloquist School?
Either way this is not the most comfortable way to do my oral report....
Mmm, castor oil!
And who needs to wash the spoon in between children?
The castor oil will kill the germs!
RoboTeacher 2000 has come to grade your science projects.
He is not impressed....
They used to make you do
soft shoe 
in gym class?
Give them that ol' razz ma tazz, kidos....
I know this kid is supposed to have sat on a pin.
But why the string?
Makes it look like something came out, not went in!
Cheer up girls!
You're being trained for a life of servitude!
Now make that wall alligator proud....
This record is so boring, these children couldn't even be bothered to find desks to fall asleep on!
Crash where you drop, babies!
Now pretend you're an elephant!
See kids,
air raids are fun!
Ah yes,
the time honored
stare of learning:
slack-jawed and deadeyed....
In France they didn't have 'dunces',
they just called you lazy and stuck a bunny hat on you....

Please sir, can I have some more?

(Blog articles, not gruel silly!)