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Bess Goden Interview

Bess Goden – Owner  &  Creatrix of

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This week, we had the pleasure of interviewing Bess Goden, owner and Creatrix of  For the last five years, Bess has been creating wonderful pieces of artwork and Steampunk styled designs.  You can find most of art through her website or her Etsy store.  Bess’ new Coloring Book, “Cats in Top Hats,” is in the works and will be released this fall, but you can find coloring page prints available on her site and a free coloring print for signing up for her newsletter.

During our interview, Bess shared her journey as an artist and her hopes for coloring in the future.  Take a look and enjoy!


Q: Where are you located?

A: I have a one bedroom apartment in between a highway and suburbia in North Plainfield, New Jersey.


Q: When did you start drawing and doing art?

A: Actually when I was a kid, I was abysmal at drawing! I actually hated it! What I loved to do was color. I must have had every Dover Stained Glass coloring book I could beg my thankfully-also-artistic mother to buy. My room was postered with more color-your-own-fake-velvet-fuzzy posters than the 1970s could shake a stick at. So in a way, I learned art backwards! I learned how to choose colors, blend and shade before I could draw a convincing 3d cube. It wasn’t until about five years ago that I started to take it more seriously and taught myself both traditional and digital drawing techniques.


Q: What made you decide to get into publishing your own adult coloring book?


A: The designs I like to color best are the ones where I feel like I could step right into the picture when I’m done coloring it, like that scene in Mary Poppins! My favorite thing about art is how I can use it to bring fantasy worlds and characters to technicolor life. I want my designs to whisk you away from your normal, to come and play in my whimsical, steampunk-ish world for a while.


Q: How have you seen Adult Coloring impact the work that you do?


A: Coloring is a very important part of my life both as a person and as an artist. As an artist, sometimes I will create a coloring page of a t-shirt or cameo design to print and color with colored pencils, so I can compare different color schemes or try different blending styles. As a person, I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety ever since my parents passed away, about ten years ago. Coloring is a very important part of my daily emotional peace.


Q: What is your hope for the future of adult coloring?


A: My greatest hope is that it helps us realize that there really is an artist inside of everyone. We get so caught up in comparing our perceived talent with established artists’ talent, that we forget that art is, at best, only 10% talent. It’s really mostly about skill and hard work. We all have the capacity to make beautiful art. Whether you’ve only ever drawn a stick figure or you’re Michelangelo, if you’ve colored a coloring page you’re an artist.


Thanks for tuning in to this artist showcase interview.


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You can find all this and more on her site: